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XtremepowerUS 20″ City/Beach Compact Folding Bike Review

Who is the XtremepowerUS 20″ City / Beach Bike Compact Folding 6 Bicycle For?

XtremepowerUS Folding

With such a long name, we’re going to have to condense it slightly. For the rest of this review, we will refer to this bicycle as the XtremepowerUS 20” and effectively drop the rest. This bicycle was designed specifically with the urban beach goer in mind.

Oddly enough, from our research, this bicycle is manufactured by a company known as Xtreme Power USA, which specialized in manufacturing and importing industrial tools, and not creating bicycles. However, this could possibly mean that the bicycle was only imported by Xtreme Power USA and not actually manufactured by them.

This would leave the question as to who actually created this bicycle up in the air entirely. That being said, this bicycle is still highly usable as a foldable mode of transportation for those that spend a lot of time at the beach or outdoors. The ability to convert a ride able bike into a condensed easily carried, and easily stored version can be quite intriguing to those that have a need for it. Planning a trip to the beach? Why not throw the XtremepowerUS 20” in the back and get going? The majority of folding bicycles are not equipped to leave standard road ways, let alone deal with the rigors of a beach.

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What Makes the XtremepowerUS 20” Different From Other Folding Bikes?

At first glance, the most noticeable feature on this bicycle is the steel mudguards. These mudguards are designed to protect the rider from flying debris that may have been kicked up by the tires. This can be extremely useful for those that do a lot of riding on the beach as it will ensure that you are not constantly hitting yourself or others with sand.

This bicycle boasts a 230 pound weight limit, which is slightly higher than the average folding bicycle. This may be an appropriate option for those that are larger in size.

Other Features:

The dimensions while folded are: W 24″ x L 34″ x H 32″.

Fully assembled, this bicycle weighs 35 pounds.

Has a Shimano rear derailleur. Shimano is one of the industry’s best bicycle part manufacturers in the world.

Unlike many folding bicycles, the Xtremepower US 20” has a kickstand that allows users to safely rest the bicycle anywhere that they choose instead of having to place it on the ground or lean it up against an object.

The steel V-brakes allow for safe and controlled stopping.

XtremepowerUS Folding Bike

This bike comes fully equipped with safety reflectors and a nifty bell.


For those that enjoy spending long days on the beach and the possibility of taking a leisurely ride along the shoreline, this may be a solid choice. Not only does it have features that repel sand from being kicked up, but it folds into a miniature size so that it can fit into even the smallest of vehicle trunk compartments with ease.

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