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Westport Adult Folding Tricycle Review

Who is the Westport Adult Folding Tricycle for?

Westport Folding TrikeIf you are looking for a tricycle then the Westport bike is a great choice.  If you are uncomfortable riding a two wheel bike, and prefer the additional support from the third wheel, this Trike would be ideal.  The three wheels make it super stable!

There are many users of the Westport, from the elderly who want an easy to ride bike, to people just wanting a little extra exercise in their daily lives.  If you are just popping to the shops, the Westport features a handy basket between the rear wheels perfect for the storage of groceries!

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Lets look at the main features of the Westport Folding Trike:

Ok so what makes this bike special?  The first two features worthy of mention are the folding latch and the suspension.  Both add extra weight, so is the trade off worth it?

A Compact, Folding Bike

The folding mechanism is a good additional feature, it allows for storage of the bike in a much smaller area than would otherwise be possible.  Its not like a folding bike like a Dahon, you couldn’t for example take this on public transport. It would be far too heavy to carry anything more than short distances.

Smooth Suspension

By adding suspension the Westport Folding Trike is much easier and forgiving over potholes and rough terrain.  As trikes tend to be less agile than their two wheeled equivalent this could come in handy, and definitely adds to make this a comfort bike.

20″ Wheels

The smaller wheels of this folding trike mean that its set lower to the ground than others, combine this with the low slung cross bar and its very easy to mount.  Great if you are of limited mobility.

When on the bike you will appreciate the comfortable saddle, and easy controls.  There are no gears, minimising the amount of maintenance and dexterity required to operate.

Rider Weight

The Westport is capable of holding riders up to 300lbs.  In addition its comfortable for users of all sizes from 4’10” up to 6’6″

What about the price and where to buy?

Trikes are not made in the same high volumes as bikes, so there is not the economy that comes with scale.  The Westport folding bike is available for a reasonable price of $350 (including shipping) from online stores such as Amazon.

What are others saying about the Westport Folding Trike?

This bike scores well with customers, over 100 reviewers have given a score of 4.2 out of 5.  Comments include:Westport Folding Trike suspension

“I look forward to coming home from work so I can hop on the bike and cruise around the neighborhood”

“Easy to put together, Large cargo compartment, Modern caliper braking system all work well”

“I would highly recommend this bike for not only adults but for any older child that can’t ride a regular bike”


This is a solid well made trike that will allow riders of all ages and ability to enjoy the freedom of cycling!  The Westport folding bike is packed with features to make it a pleasure to use: it folds to a compact space in the house, the suspension does a good job of soaking up the bumps.  If the going does get rough then there is a very comfortable saddle to smooth things out again.

For getting to the shops this is a great alternative to expensive gas prices, just load up the basket with groceries and off you go.  When you get back you will have earned a treat with all that extra exercise!

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