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Topeak Sidekick Wedge Review

Who Is the Topeak Sidekick Wedge For?

If you are leaving home for a long days ride, with the risk of part failure, chain link breakage or punctures then this is for you. The bag is easy to mount under the saddle of your bike and comes filled with all the tools you need to keep you on the trail:  Spanners, Allen Keys, Chain Splitter, Patches and Tyre removers.
Topeak Sidekick Wedge

Where to buy the Topeak Sidekick Wedge:

This kit has been out for a couple of years now and is a favourite with cyclists. Although it retails at a full RSP of $47 you can usually find it considerably cheaper online. Amazon usually has a good saving on the kit.

Features of the Topeak Sidekick Wedge Pac

With 7 seperate tools there is little that cannot be fixed on the trails. The tools are all housed in a specially designed bag made of a strong easy to clean nylon.  There is an easy to use clip mount which attaches the bag conveniently under the saddle of the bike.  It attaches through both the loop on the stem, and a clip that has to be initially fixed to the saddle.

When mounted on the bike, the pack is unobtrusive and yet easy to access.  To open the bag there are two zips, one on either side wich gives access to two compartments   This allows tools to be separated from say energy bars keeping your ride snacks clean.

Inside there is room for a tyre, a few tools and a snack.  It looks a little tight for a pump, so your options are a frame mounted pump, or CO2 cylinders which are also effective.

This is a first class tool Topeak is a top brand for bike tools, and I would not leave home with out it.

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