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TOKYO Citizen Bike Folding Bike Review

Who is the TOKYO Citizen Bike 16″ 6-speed Folding Bike For? 

Citizen Folding Bike

Citizen Bike has come storming onto the bike scene, supplying riders with a product that is as practical as it is convenient.  This bike is cheap and cheerful, and not really comparable to a solid performer such as the Dahon Speed Uno.

Citizen Bike users have found an exciting new solution to all of their folding bike needs.  The Tokyo is one of their most popular options, the with its 16” wheel, and its cost effective price.  This bicycle is the perfect choice for commuters and travelers of all ages.

As one of the most compact bicycles on the market today, the Tokyo Citizen Bike 16” is a great option for short distance travel of any kind.  As part of Citizen Bike’s “value series”, the price point is significantly lower than many of the other models.

The Tokyo 16” is designed allows for the versatile convenience and liberating feelings that folding bicycle owners enjoy on a daily basis.  If you are in need of a bike that can practically anywhere, then this may be the best possible option!

When looking at a deal, this bike is usually priced at $169 (best price is available on Amazon), this makes it a great buy for the money, especially considering the overall weight and extras such as fenders.

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For starters, this bike is incredibly compact.  With rims that are only 16 inches in diameter, the ultra portable Tokyo Citizen Bike is one of the smallest of its kind.  It can fold up in seconds and becomes one of the smallest bikes there is.

The design of the Tokyo Citizen Bike 16” is reminiscent of the old fashioned Euro bikes that made folders so popular in the first place.  Although the design is similar to the older versions of folding bikes, the actual frame has a more modern feel to it, giving riders a sleek and unique look that also feels somewhat familiar.

The Shimano 6 speed index gear system with grip shifter, allows for seamless gear changes while on the go.  Having the ability to switch gears makes riding up and down hilly terrain extremely energy efficient.

With breaks located on the handle bars, instead of the standard pedal breaking systems that many folding bikes have, stopping on a dime is no problem for this bicycle.  Handle bar brakes allow for added safety and a more controlled ride.

With front and rear fenders, you no longer have to worry about kicking up rocks, road spray or damaging your bicycle’s frame from the slightest bump.

The folding mechanism on the Tokyo Citizen Bike 16” are extremely efficient, allowing for the entire bicycle to collapse into a fraction of its normal size within seconds.


This handy, light weight piece of machinery would make a reasobale addition to any rider’s arsenal of bikes.  The 16 inch wheels allow for tight cornering and compact folding, making the Tokyo Citizen Bike 16” a good choice for riders with restricted space.  Despite being small in stature, this bicycle is wonderfully tough and durable as well.  Commuters seem to enjoy this bike specifically for its lack of size.  Many have reported that it even rides as well as other, larger folding bikes despite being much smaller.

However our recommendation would be to go for something a little more durable such as the Dahon Speed Uno, its a few more $ but will give double the service.  If your budget is less than $200 then the Stowabike makes a great alternative.

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