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Vilano Tempest 20″ Folding Bike Review

Tempest Angle WhiteWho is the Vilano Tempest 20″ Folding Bike Shimano 6 Speed – Rear Rack & Fenders For?

Vilano, the manufacturer of this bicycle, has a reputation of producing low cost yet good quality bikes from racing bikes, childrens bikes and folding bikes.

The Tempest 20 inch folding bike is no different.  This steel framed bike is ideal for anyone that is looking for a smooth ride that can be quickly and efficiently collapsed down in size for easy carrying or storing almost anywhere.

Do you ride public transportation?  No problem.  When folded, the Tempest 20 inch takes up very little space, unlike standard bicycles.

Do you travel often?  Great!  The Tempest 20 inch is perfect for taking leisurely rides or perusing the downtown areas while on vacation.  It can even fit snuggly into overhead compartments on airplanes and trains.

With a list price of over $440, I have seen it on Amazon for over 50% off.  These deals change often, so check the latest prices.

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Features and Fittings Review; How Does The Tempest Stand Out From All of the Rest?

The Tempest 20 inch is Vilano’s most economical 20 inch bicycle that they offer.  Staying true to the lineage of folding bicycles, Vilano created this bike in a way that the basic design looks similar to the old European folders that made the use of compact, folding bicycles so popular.  Fortunately for you, the Tempest 20 inch not only has the cool look of the retro folders, but is also fitted with numerous, elegant 21st century features as well.

Unlike most folding bikes, the Tempest’s frame is made out of steel instead of alloy for a sturdier ride and protection from breaking.  Though steel is generally heavier, Vilano somehow figured out a way to create the Tempest at only 27 total pounds.  That is significantly lighter than standard bicycles and even most folding bikes as well.

Tempest Folded

If you haven’t guessed it already, the “20 inches” in the name refers to the size of the rims.  This allows for a considerably low ride that also takes up minimal space when folded and stored away for safe keeping.

Another considerable stand out feature is the 6 speed Shimano Revo Twist Shifter that allows for seamless gear shifting and a more comfortable ride.  Many folding bicycles are only single speed which can make riding uphill very cumbersome and even exhausting at times.  With 6 speeds, you’ll be able to navigate inclines with little to no effort at all.

Of course no review of the Tempest 20 inch would be complete without mentioning the rear rack and fenders.  The fenders are not only stylish, but protect the wheel well from being damaged during collisions.

 There’s nothing more aggravating than to purchase a bike and have it completely ruined after a few minor bumps.  The rear rack allows for riders to carry objects while they pedal.

No more riding with one hand on the handle bars while the other attempts to maintain a hold on your belongings!


Vilano have produced an affordable lightweight bike that is perfect for anyone that is looking for a folding bicycle at a reasonable price.  It is a comfortable ride, if a little heavy, but You will be able to ride your new Tempest 20 inch with confidence, knowing that you made the right choice!

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