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Stowabike Folding City Compact Bike Review

Stowabike Folding Bike Review

If you are looking compact folding bike is ideal for occasional commuters looking for a great bike that won’t break the bank, and yet is durable enough to be taken out on through the city, then the Stowabike is a good candidate. It maybe that you are new to commuting bike riding, or just want to take a day out in town. Either we will see if this makes a good choice.

This great entry level compact bike is recently launched. Designed as a rugged yet affordable bike for hitting the city streets.  We will look at all the components in detail to help you make the right choice for your needs.

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Fittings and Equipment, what does it mean to me?

Stowaway have not just adopted the plan of shrink the wheels and and a hinge.  Many of the bikes features have been designed with efficiency, size and cost in mind.  There is a good balance between durability and keeping the bike affordable.

The bike is strong, with an all steel hard tail frame, constructed from high quality steel.  To simplify options the frame is one size at 20″.  This can accommodate riders of up to 200lbs.

As to taking this on a train, this would be possible, it does fold down to a regulation size.  However its going to be a little cumbersome as the pedals will still be sticking out.  If you live in a city center flat and want a bike that can be “hidden” away then it would be perfect.  When folded the bike measures: 24″x 34″x32″ weighing 35lb.

To keep the bike running smoothly its equipped with Shimano 6 speed gears, and powerful vbrakes.  The 6 speed gears are essential for climbing the hills, the gears are shimano, one of the most trusted bike component producer in the world. I have used shimano for years and it lasts well with little maintenance aside from cleaning.

In addition there are mud guards as standard to keep you dry while riding in the wet.

Additional stopping power is provided by the great V-Brakes brakes. V-Brakes combine easy maintenance and will keep running through the toughest conditions.

The gears are produced by Shimano a great company, the EF-51 easyfire shifters will give great control over the 6 gears. Finally you can be reassured with a lifetime warranty on the frame, along with a years warranty on the other components.

Price, How much should you pay for the Stowabike?

As part of this review I have conducted some research in to the price.  The best I can find is on amazon.  They have the bike listed with over 66% off the RSP of $499.  Now this bike is not worth $499, there are bikes like the Dahon Mu Uno at that price that are better. However if you can pick this up for less than $200 then you have a great deal!

In Summary:

This bike would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good quality bike at a low entry price. You can be confident that this bike will see you round the city and home again.  It will store easily in an apartment, or garage.  With its 6 speeds, mud guards and pannier holders it is a great addition to city life!

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