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Shimano Winter Shoes SH-MW81 Review

Shimano Winter Shoes SH-MW81 ReviewIf you’re an all-season mountain bike rider looking to improve your ride in the winter season, you could definitely consider the Shimano SH-MW81 Shoes for Men.

Not only does it offer good resistance to wet and cold weather without the bulk commonly associated with winter mountain bike shoes, it is also ergonomically designed to have a comfortable fit.

So, if you’re going to commit to serious winter riding, and you’re not intending on platform pedals, you need to invest in waterproof, insulated footwear like the Shimano SH-MW81 Shoes. They combine light insulation and a GORE-TEX liner to keep your feet dry and toasty.

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About Shimano

Shimano is a Japanese-based company geared towards developing ergonomically-designed products built for the great outdoors. While their business is focused mainly on top-quality cycling components, they also carry other related products such as fishing tackles, rowing equipment and outdoor gear.

Features of the Shimano SH-MW81


Constructed of tough, stretch-resistant synthetic leather, thereby making sure the shoes last you for a long time.

It boasts of a waterproof GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort FOOTWEAR liner that is guaranteed to keep your feet dry and toasty wherever you are and whatever the climate. In addition, the shoes have minimal vent holes on the exterior – just enough to let whatever moisture vapor escapes the Gore Tex liner make its way to the outside air.

It has high visibility reflectors on the rear and side of the shoes which increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions

The triple offset Velcro straps that provide ample security for your foot, and their offset positioning prevents unnatural pinching and pressure.

Finally there is a fleece liner insole providing additional insulation and heat retention.


It has multi-density lugs with soft arch pad for pedal stability.

The actual shoe as a comfortable larger volume compared to other winter shoes. This means your feet won’t feel cramped even with thick socks on.

In addition, unlike some shoes that come to a central point at the toe, Shimano’s last seems to better follow the natural shape of the foot, which means they’re generally more comfortable for longer rides.


The ses a glass fiber reinforced polyamide sole comes equipped with and optional spike mount, incase you find yourself having to walk up slippery slopes.

The softer rubber material makes sure you won’t slip. In addition, its minimalist tread design allows easy mud and snow clearing.

What are others saying

These shoes are among the highest rated winter shoes availble, scoring a great 4.5 out of 5 stars over 100’s of reviews. The main features people liked is that the shoes are exceptionally warm, yet light weight:

“These shoes are very light and keep my feet warm and dry. I rode for over two hours in temperatures below 32 degrees and my feet stayed warm. ”

“What a difference! I suffer from poor circulation in my feet anyway so these are just fantastic. Only my first ride today but they worked so well I wanted to get the review in right away”

“Temp was 38 so not real cold but very wet out that day. Feet stayed nice and warm and dry”

Any downsides

If you want to double up on socks, it might be worth buying the next size up than you would normally take.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a pair of sturdy shoes that are guaranteed to keep your toes warm while you ride in the cold or explore the wilderness, go with this offering from Shimano.

The Shimano SH-MW81 comes equipped with waterproof GORE-TEX insulation for supreme fit and high visibility reflectors to keep you seen and minimize the risk of danger. Plus, its triple offset straps prevent pressure points and the fleece liner insole provides good heat retention.

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