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Park Tools PCS10 Bicycle Repair Stand Review

Park PCS10 Repiar Stand reviewThe Park PCS10 Bicycle repair stand in this review is a very capable, strong and rugged stand from the popular Bike Tools brand Park.  Its designed to be easy to assemble, pack up and transport.  As with all Park Tool products the PCS10 offers great quality build, and given its durability great value for money.



The Park PCS10 is designed for bike repairs on the move, if you use your bike on trails, time trials or races and need to preform trackside running repairs or adjustments this is the tool for the job.

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The first of two main features of the stand are its super strong clamp holding the bike in place.  The clamp is the Park clam type adjuster and as you can see from the pictures its designed to hold your bike (even recumbent!) firm.  The Cam-type clamp allows single action clamping of tubes 7/8” to 3” (24mm to 76mm). This is enough for even the fattest frames, or an aerodynamic saddle post.  You can easily adjust the clamping pressure, and its fully adjustable and jaw covers are replaceable (Park Part Number 1185K) Its other useful function is the Release Height Adjuster.  This saves loads of effort bending down to adjust the bike height.  IF you need to raise or lower the bike it can be quickly done on the fly using this height adjuster.


Its no good trying to carry out intricate work on your ride if its moving all over the place.  This is not an issue with the Park PCS10.  Its rock solid and will allow you to focus on the job in hand. Again as you can see in the pictures the frame forms a stable tripod with the three legs.  These lock into position and brace the stand against all the force you can apply. It will hold even the heaviest bike with confidence, and is built with longtime service planned in!


OK so its not the lightest piece of Kit, weighs in at over 25Lb, its probably more heavy than your bike.  That said, its easy to fold up, transport and store.  The wight comes in handy to keep the whole frame stable as you work on your bike.

 Park PCS10 Features at a Glance:

  • Cam-type clamp allows single action clamping of tubes (24 to 76-millimeter)
  • Clamping pressure is fully adjustable and jaw covers are replaceable
  • Composite top tube for smooth 360-degree clamp rotation
  • Quick-release height adjustment (39 to 57 inches)
  • 3-point leg system with reinforced center yolk for superior stability


Park are confidant about the quality and durability of their products, and offer a restricted life time guarantee on their stands.  Also virtually all the parts of the stand are replaceable (although not under warranty).


This is a premium stand, but it seems Park want to get this stand into every workshop and garage.  The price is incredibly competitive for the overall quality.  Its priced slightly more than some cheaper brands on the market, and I would recommend spending a little more to get this stand.  If you are feeling flush then there are more expensive Park Stands to look at.  For overall balance the PARK PCS10 would be my choice, for a versatile, good looking and professional feel stand.


I really like the Park PCS10, there are no real downsides, other than your freinds might be round for the occasional ‘loan’? The Park PCS10 should be the first purchase for your workshop. 

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Video of the Park PCS10 in Action: