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Light & Motion Stella 600 Dual Bike Light Review

Light and Motion are one of the top bike light brands, consistently producing great quality lights, for a reasonable cost.

Light Motion Dual Light 2This Stella 600 is a dual light, giving two beams of lights to fire down onto the trail, and we will come onto that later.

The key competitor for this light is the Niterider MiNewt Dual 700, they have similar outputs, and have a dual lamp system. Looking a the lumens per weight the Stella 600 wins hands down. And critically the Light and motion lamps is lighter where it counts – on the bar. The battery attaches to the frame and does not need to move.

Lenses. The lens of just one of the light and motion lamps is a diffuser which can be easily adjusted to give a good ‘flood light’ effect. Its second lens provides a more focused beam for detailed trail work. This is an excellent balance and gives great visibility on the path ahead.

On the other hand the MiNewts, while packing two heads, only has one focus setting.

You will want to attach the light ot the bike. With the Stella 600 they have employed a really simple rubber strap. Quick and adjustable to all your bikes. More importantly its secure, very secure, particularly when compared with the MiNewts complex strap arrangement, which is far from satisfactory.

Which is the best dual head lamp system?

Overall I would have to give it to the light and motion stella 600. It produces a great looking rich white light, not an off colour of the MiNewts. Combine this with its ease of use, long battery life and light weight and you have a winner!

If you want to read more about the Light and Motion Stella, or even take the plunge and buy, then I would reccomend Amazon. Click here to visit Amazon now.