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Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U-Lock Review

Kryptonite New York Lock

The Flagship Lock from Kryptonite – The New York Bicycle Lock

I love my bike and would hate to lose it.  Fortunately I am able to keep it locked in the house at night, but sometimes I have to go into town and leave the bike for hours, even in the dark.  My biggest fear is coming back and finding an empty gap where my bike was.  To keep my bike safe I have invested a good chunk into the best protection that I can get!

How practical is this lock?

This is a step down from the strongest lock that Kryptonite make which is the Fuggetaboutit. the New York lock is considerably lighter, cheaper and yes slightly less strong.  However given that its easier to carry, and quicker to fit its a fair balance.  If you dont like to ride with a rucksack then this lock can be fitted to the frame with a bracket.  The Fuggetaboutit is to heavy and cannot be frame mounted.

What makes this lock so good?

With an anti theft score of 11 out of 12, this lock is about as strong as they come.  Only the Fahgettaboudit it comes in at a higher level, and even then at the price of additional weight. The lock is over 1lb lighter than its bigger brother, and yet does not significantly sacrifice security.

It still features the steel over steel shackle, designed to withstand brute force attacks. Although its lighter, it has a good long shank for securing your bike.  This is great for getting it round slightly larger bollards, or if you prefer getting the wheel and frame into the bend.

While this may expose the lock to more chance of a leverage attack, for most riders they will appreciate the ease of fitting the lock.  It’s really smooth to use, and you can feel the quality in the lock. I also have a cheap shackle lock that I use for back up, and the mechanism is hard to line up properly.  The Kryptonite is smooth as silk and has a very positive feedback from the key.

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The Flexframe U-Bracket:

You will see from the image above that this lock ships with the Flexframe u-braket.  This is not available due to weight on the Fahgettaboudit.  It makes the job of transporting the lock much easier, with the added bonus of moving the weight to the frame and out of your pack!

Kryptonite produce a great handy video to fit the Flexframe shown below:


Really there is not much to it, if you love your bike there is no better protection (for the weight) than the New York Lock.  I know when I lock up my bike that unless a thief is going to saw through the frame then my bike is going to be exactly where I left it.

If you are looking for a lock that is light enough to be frame mounted, and can protect your bike in even the highest risk cities then the New York Lock is about the best you can get.

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