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Kryptonite 997986 Black 18mm New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock Review

New York Fahgettaboudit Lock

Who is the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Lock For?

If, like me, you have returned to the place where you left your bike, only to find an empty space then you will know the crushing feeling that the loss of a bike causes.  After putting in months of saving, and hours of work cleaning and maintaining your bike there is nothing worse than losing it to a low down thief.

In the past I have used cheaper locks, even trusting older versions of the Kryptonite lock.  But this version is a game changer.

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What makes the New York Lock special?

Well first its small, much smaller than the normal U-Lock.  This has two advantages, first is that it keeps the weight down, necessary as its made from strong 1/2″ thick toughened steel, and second it minimises space within the lock for tools to be brought in to break it with a leverage attack.  The compact size makes it easy to carry in a pack, as you might not want to keep it on the frame, given its weight.

Did you say its Small? What will I attach it to?

Don’t worry, Kryptonite seem to have done there home work.  After months of use there have been just one or two occasions where I have been unable to secure the bike exactly where I wanted.  But its never taken long to find a better home.  Another advantage of the small shackle is that the bike is held far more securely with less ‘play’ between the frame and the bike stand.

But the weight!

Ok at 2kg, 4.4lb its not light…. what you are buying is peace of mind.  The shackle is virtually impenetrable within the timeframe that a thief would need.  Think of it as carrying extra peace of mind!

Any nice touches?

One feature I really like is the led key.  There are three keys supplied with the lock, one of which features a built in LED light.  This is perfect for unlocking the bike at night, saves having to fumble with the front light when unlocking the bike.

Does it come with a warranty?

If, somehow, your bike is stolen then Kryptonite offer up to  $4,500/£2,450 as an insurance policy.  This should cover most bikes and is the highest I have seen offered for any lock.  Goes along way to justify the price of the lock.

What are the Pros and Cons:

  • You are buying a very strong and reliable lock with the highest security rating there is.
  • Offers a maximum 10 security ranking on the Kryptonite 1-12 comparison system
  • Its impervious to the dreaded ‘bic pen’ attack that afflicted the old locks.
  • The LED key is a good idea
  • Its heavy
  • Price is quite high, but seems fair for the quality and strength provided.

What are others saying about the lock?

“Best lock out there, good for big cities but heavy as a brick “

“Paid for itself, worth every penny”

“Wow… This thing is a beast!”

Our Recommendation?

If you love your bike, and need it to be there every day even if left in a high crime area then you need this lock.  Nothing else comes close to offering the peace of mind offered by the Kryptonite New York Mini Faggedabbatit Lock.

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