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InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer Review

Who is the InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer For?

I have looked at countless optons to carry my two children round safely using my bike.  Its great to be able to get out and explore the country knowing that the two of them are safe and secure, strapped in, low to the ground and tucked in behind me.  This trailer is for any parent looking to also take their children out, or maybe have the flexibility of carrying a single child and some additional luggage?

Where to buy the Sierra InStep Double?

Looking round the internet, the best place to buy from seems to be amazon, where it currently comes with a hefty discount from the $189.99 RSP.  Click here to see todays price.

Why Choose the InStep Sierra?

The internet is full of reviews and recommendations for Double Bicycle Trailers. Despite there being so many on the market, a couple rise to the top.  This is one of them.  At less than $200 the InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer is probably the best buy on the market.  It’s advantages over the competition are that it can be used not only as a trailer  but also as a jogging stroller (if you wish to run with your children), the seats are not just canvas slings like other designs, but actual bucket seats with secure seat belts.  It is also fitted with a proper handbrake to keep the trailer secure when parked.

Safety considerations have been built into the trailer, for example if the bike was to fall over, the trailer remains upright.  Should Dad take a tumble then the occupants will be fine!

What are the Key Features of the InStep Sierra?

The trailer comes fitted with:

  • Fabric safety flag,  For additional visibility.
  • Easy folding (see image) for easy storage and transport.
  • More durable metal clips for securing the bike to the trailer.
  • Velcro to allow swift repositioning of the mesh net and rain covers.
  • Less buttons which were fiddly to use on earlier versions.
  • Rubberized stroller handle accessory.
  • High quality pneumatic tyres provide a smooth and bump free journey for it passengers.Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 19.09.55

Pros and Cons of the InStep Sierra:


The trailler is easy to assemble, with minimal tools required.  Once attached its incredably stable


It is not compatible with all bikes, for example Giant Bikes have a frame issue.  That said it is fine with most bikes with a standard frame and seat post.

The weight limit is a maximum of 100lb, but would recommend no more than 80 for safety.


This is a great trailer  other users on Amazon have rated this 4.3 out of 5 stars (with over 140 reviews at time of writing).  I would definatly consider this trailler if working with a budget of about $150-$200.

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