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Huffy 16 Inch Girls Disney Princess Bike Review

Looking for a great first bike?

Huffy Princess ReviewWhen it comes to learning to ride, it is important to capture the imagination of the child.  With its beautiful Disney styling this is a great bike that any little girl would love!
The Huffy Disney Princess Bike is a great choice.  It’s well made, has some lovely design features, and finally comes with a great price ticket!

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Features of the Huffy  Princess bike:

So what is it that makes this bike so good?  For me it’s the extra little touches, at this age the bike does not need to withstand huge forces like an adult’s bike.  For mum and dad it needs to be safe and for the rider it’s important to look nice!

With the Huffy you get a good strong bike, yet light enough for a young learner. More importantly it looks great!   Some features are designed to keep the weight and cost down, for example: you will find that the forks have pressed drop outs which are light and strong enough for a child, maybe you would not want to see these on an adult bike, but for this size they are fine.

Nice touches have been considered: the seat has some lovely graphics, as do the bike tyres.  The pedals are little heart shapes.  On the handle bars there is attached a removable doll carriage for the elegant transportation of favourite toys!

The bike is fitted with a bell, and extra wide training wheels, along with handlebar streamers!


Huffy 16 Disney Princess Girls Bike
The 2014 Version

What size of child does the Huffy 16 inch fit?

Usually a 16 inch wheel is suitable for a 5-7 year old if your child is three then this would last a good couple of years before it’s outgrown.  By the age of 8 then a 20 inch bike should be considered.

What are others saying about the Huffy Cinderella Bike:

This is a really popular beginners bike and receives an average of 4.5 stars from reviewers on Amazon.

One slightly negative comment is that it does need home assembly.  All the tools are included, and it should not take long to put together.

Review Summary


Overall most people (and importantly the girls!) love the bike, it looks good and has a good 2-3 years growing room.  The stabilisers are removable so the bike can grow with your child.  This makes the perfect introduction to a lifetime of enjoying cycling and is a skill for life.

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