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Huffy 12-Inch Girls Disney Princess Bike Review

Huffy Princess ReviewMy little girl loves cycling (ok she is a not so little teenager now and taller than her mother!), and it was clear early on that getting a bike she loved was half the battle in learning to ride.

At the time she was a huge fan of Disney fairy tails and princesses!  At the time there were very few options.  Now there are loads of beautiful and well built bikes available for girls to learn to ride on.
The Huffy Cinderella Bike is one of the best.  It’s well built, has some nice features, and most importantly comes with a great price tag!  I have seen it online for less than RSP.

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Features of the Huffy 12 inch Princess bike:

So what is it that makes this bike so good?  For me it’s the extra little touches, at this age the bike does not need to withstand huge forces like an adult’s bike.  For mum and dad it needs to be safe and for the rider it’s important to look nice!

So what you get with the Huffy is a bike that looks good, and is strong enough to carry the rider.  You will find that the forks have pressed drop outs which are light and strong enough for a child, maybe you would not want to see these on an adult bike, but for this size they are fine.

Nice touches have been considered: the seat has some lovely graphics, as do the bike tyres.  On the handle bars there is a great enchanted doll carrier which can be removed and used separately.

For safety: there is a bell, easy to reach brakes and adjustable easy to remove stabilisers.

What size of child does the Huffy fit?

Usually a 12 inch wheel is suitable for a 3-4 year old if your child is three then this would last a good couple of years before it’s outgrown.  By the age of 5-7 then a 14 inch bike should be considered.  If your child is a little older maybe consider the Huffy 16 Princess Bike reviewed here?

What are others saying about the Huffy Princess Bike:

This is a really popular beginners bike and receives an average of 4.5 stars from reviewers on Amazon.

One slightly negative comment is that the pedals can be a little slippery.  I find this to, and is often an issue with the shoes worn.  With a nice grippy sole this should not be a problem.

Overall most people (and importantly the girls!) love the bike, it looks good and has a good 2-3 years growing room.

Our verdict


A great start to a hobby that will give a lifetime of enjoyment.

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