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Folding Bikes NYC

NYC has to be the greatest city in the world.  With over 10m people living there, the NYC Subway carries 5.2m riders every weekday!  This means its busy, very busy.  Options for commuters are massive.  Driving is hardly an option with the gridlocked streets and limited parking so most commuters are stuck with the train or ferry.

But what do you do when you arrive at the station?  Walk, get a cab?  How about cycling the last couple of miles to the office.  With a modern folding bike it can be quick, cheap and easy to make the last hop to your final destination.

What do you need in an NYC folding bike?

Folding bikes have come a long way in the last 10-20 years.  They are lighter, stronger and more reliable than ever.  Depending on your budget you can opt for a light weight wippet bike, or something stong enough to ride along the most pot holed roads.

Things to consider are the size of the bike when folded, after all you need to get it on the train without troubling other passengers.  The Dahon Mu Uno folds down to just 10.1″ × 30.4″ × 25.7″ inches, weight should also be considered after all you will be carrying it up and down the stairs at the station.  Again the Mu Uno comes in at a feather light 22lb.

With weight and size out of the way, next to look at is what you will be carrying.  Do you need to take a briefcase   If so you might want to consider a bike that features a luggage rack as standard, the Dahon Boardwalk comes with a standard luggage rack allowing for easy transport of your paper work.

Finally if you need to climb hills, then you might want to consider a bike with gears, the Mu Uno is single speed while the boardwalk is equipped with an 8 speed gear hub.

Security and Safety:

A great feature of a folding bike is that you have no need to lock it up, most bikes can be folded in under 15 seconds.  This is less time than it takes to fit a lock.  Simply fold the bike and store it securely under you desk at work!

Getting to work in one piece is important  so you should always wear high visibility clothing, and a helmet.

Best Buy Bikes for New York City:

High end:

Dahon Mu P8


Dahon Mu P8 – Possibly the best folder in the world RSP $819.99 availble from Amazon


Mid Range:

Dahon Boardwalk


Dahon Boardwalk the worlds most popular folding bike.  RSP: $419.99 availble from Amazon

Dahon Speed Folding Bike


Dahon Speed Uno City folding Bike RSP: $419.99 Availible from Amazon



Budget Options:


Stowaway Folding City Compact Bike: RSP: 499.99 – Available with up to 60% off on Amazon