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Diamondback 2014 Cobra Junior Mountain Bike with 20-Inch Wheels Review

A real bike for on and off road riding, safe and strong.  Perfect for young boys wanting adventure.

Cobra Moutain Bike for kidsWho is the Diamondback 2014 Cobra For?

If your boy is out growing his first, maybe second if you started early, and ready to progress.  You need to buy a bike that is strong enough to last, and light enough to ride easily.

This is where the Cobra from Diamondback comes in.

With its strong steel frame and six gears its a ‘proper’ bike, yet agile enough to gain confidence with.

Features of the Cobra:

Along with its six gears (operated by a shifter on the handle bars) it features powerful V-Brakes on both the front and back wheel.

The pedals a flat plastic pedals, no clips or cleats to worry about, and plastic is safer than metal pedals which can cause more injury if the rider should slip off.

Suspension is provided by the useful 40mm front fork.  In my opinion I would prefer to have less weight than a suspension fork at this level of riding.  However, I know if I were to buy my son a bike with no suspension he would not be happy! Diamondback seem to recognize this and have made it as light as they can for the price.

Is the Cobra value for Money?Cobra Red

There are two ways of looking at this, if you buy a cheaper bike that never gets used you may have just spent $100 on something that gets ridden once or twice.  The headline price for the Diamondback Cobra is $220, however I have seen it on Amazon for nearly 25% off this price.  If you can pick it up for around $160-$170 then you will have a bike that will last years (ages 8-12) or there about, that will get used again and again.

Click here to see the latest Amazon Price.

Pros and Cons of the Cobra:

Pros: A great looking bike, available in Orange and Red (with larger 24″ wheels)

Cons: Assembly is required, this will take about an hour and consists of fitting the wheels, pedals and brakes.  The instructions provided are not particularly clear.  However most users found the images on the web clear enough to put the bike together with no issues.

What are others Saying.

This is a popular bike, receiving 4 out of 5 stars on the Amazon review system.  Most feedback is positive:Diamondback Cobra 2013

 “Great mountain/gear starter bike for kids

“No issues at all and my son loves it.

“Seems really well built”

Well this seems too good to be true, any negatives?

There are a couple of issues, I have mentioned the instructions.

The other main issue seems to be the grip changer on the handlebars.  Out of the box this is a little stiff, especially for small hands.  My son had a similar issue, and I just left it in the middle gear for a while and let him shift up and down one gear (the tension is lower in the middle gears) until he came used to the system, and it started to loosen up .


If you are looking for a well built ‘real’ bike that can safely take your child round forests or county paths, as well as deal with urbun streets this makes a great choice.

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Still Undecided?

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