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Dahon Mu Uno Review 2016

Dahon Mu Uno

The Dahon Mu Uno is the stylish big brother to the cheaper Speed Uno, one of the best folding bikes there is, is the Mu Uno worth the extra money?  Well for starters its over 2lb lighter than its stable mate.  It also features the beautiful eye catching curve design frame.

Lets look at the bike in more detail:

Who is the Dahon Mu Uno Folding Bike for?

This compact folding bike is ideal for frequent commuters looking for a bike that can be ridden in all weathers, and is light enough that it can be carried easily on public transport.

The Dahon Mu Uno was inspired by the bikes of Norway, they are simple elegant machines, with no gears or brakes just a simple back pedal to stop the bike.

This sophisticated and well designed bike is great for commuters, light enough to be used daily yet strong enough to last for years of reliable service. You can find it on Amazon for a great price! If you do buy from Amazon you will still benefit from the great service and receive the warranty options.

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Fittings and Equipment, what does it mean to me?

Dahon have developed this bike to be as simple as possible.  They have paired away the gears, this is a single speed, and the brake cables.  To stop the bike you simply back pedal (to comply with safety legislation there is also a traditional front brake that can be attached).  Other features of the bike have been designed with weight saving in mind.

The Dahon Mu Uno weighs in at under 10Kg (22lb) making this extremely light and portable.  With most folding bikes weighing in around 25-30lb this is an impressive weight advantage.

The bike is “one size fits all’ with a fully adjustable handlebar and seat riders of all sizes from 4’8” – 6’4 are accommodated (weighing up to 230lb).

Warranty, All Dahon bikes are furnished with a 2 year warranty covering frame, forks, and all orignal parts.

The bike is great for commuting, ie train journeys with a short ride at the end to reach the destination. The frame folds down in a few seconds into a convenient sized package: 24″x 34″x32″ weighing just 35lb.

Dahon Mu Uno Folded

Getting to the Top:

The Mu Uno is a single gear bike, they have selected a good ratio that will give adequate power for moving along, while leaving enough in reserve for hills!

Pros and Cons:

The bike is a very well made, light and strong machine.  One down side is that in an effort to keep the weight down there are no mud guards or pannier attachments. If you require these then the Dahon Boardwalk might be a better choice.  It does not have the same graceful look, but it does have the additional attachments.

Where to buy the Dahon Mu Uno?

In my research I found that the best place to buy this bike from was Amazon.  They offer a great price, and free shipping.  As this bike is so simple home maintenance is easy, and there is no real need to take it to a bike shop for regular repairs.

Just How Quick can I fold the Dahon Mu Uno?

In this video produced by Dahon, you can see the bike being folded in under 11 seconds!

Our Verdict…

With few cables, or moving parts this is the ultimate in no fuss commuting.  Unlike more complex bikes you are not going to be sat at the traffic lights trying to get the gears to the right ratio.  If you are looking for the ultimate in reliable commuting choices then this is a great mid level commuting bike. It’s simple to use and the Dahon Mu Unos minimal design will give years of pleasure as you cut through the traffic.

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