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Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike Review

The bike for the budget conscious consumer needing a bit of color and style in their ride.

Critical Urban Bike White BlackWho is the Critical Urban Road Bike for?

First, and lets make no bones about this everything has to be taken in context of the price.  At less than $225, and probably delivered to your door for free you are not going to be winning the Tour on this bike, or hucking off the big ones at the bike park!

At this level you are getting a solid, reasonably dependable bike that without laboring the point, costs less than a good set of Forks for a Mountain Bike.

Are you a Flipper or a Flopper?

In the title its described as a Single Speed Fixie.  What this means is that its a single speed i.e. no gears, bike.  In addition it can also be operated as a fixed fly wheel bike.  So there is no flywheel, the pedals are linked to the rear wheel and keep spinning.

As there is a “Flip/Flop” hub fitted you can choose which style you prefer, fixed (as described above) or free wheel.  Free wheel means you can take a brake from pedaling or free wheel down a hill.  Fixed means as your bike goes faster your legs have to turn faster to keep up.

To do this simply take the wheel off and flip the hub over.

Stopping Power!

Coming back to the opening point, the cost of the bike.  To keep the price down there is just a single brake at the back.  This may be an issue if you are living in an area with some big hills, for most commuting this is fine.  Just keep some extra brake pads handy, as it will wear down faster.

Every Color of the Rainbow…

The bike is available in 5 different frame sizes; Small (49cm), Medium (53cm), and Large (57cm) and up to 10 different colors.  If you are buying for the family you can each have a different looking bike and yet all coordinate.

Critical Bike Colours

What about the components?

The components have been well thought out, with an eye to price.  You will get some decent kit, the sealed bottom bracket should be durable, and the hand welded frame is well put together.  Overall this is a well constructed bike, and out of the box you should have very few issues.

The bike ships with all the tools needed for its assembly.  Don’t expect too much from these tools, if you have your own it might be easier to use them.

The Ride

What you have here is a nice nimble city cruiser.  It handles well through the traffic, the single brake is good enough and overall the bike is reliable.  With a comfortable upright riding position it will eat up the miles in comfort.

So what do others say about the bike?

Looking on Amazon, it is a really popularCritical Celeste Pink bike.  With an average review of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars its well received and liked.

“I was between this and something $150 more and I’m really happy I chose this”

“This is one of the best online purchases I’ve ever made.”

“BMX style handlebars and I am really happy with them”


For about $200 you are getting a great bike, at this price you can afford to buy one for the whole family and still have change!  The hardest decision will be the color.

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