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Columba 26″ Alloy Folding Bike Review

Who is the Columba 26″ Alloy Folding Bike For?

Columbia Folding BIke

Shimano has amassed a strong following of folding bicycle enthusiasts for their incredibly well designed bikes and their ease of use.  The Columba 26” may be one of Shimano’s most popular bikes of all time, so you know it has to be something special.  This is the perfect bicycle for those that love to ride, but have limited storage space or for avid riders that also travel often.

This is a wonderful asset for camping trips, urban commuters, or for those that want to navigate off road paths.

Nothing beats the convenience of having the ability to take a fully functional bicycle, and compact it to a miniature size that can be conveniently carried or put away for safe keeping.  The Columba 26’’ is the perfect option for recreational riders as it allows for a portable option so that you may now take your bicycle anywhere in the world that you would like!

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What Separates the Columba 26” From All of the Other Folding Bikes on the Market?

Unlike many folding bicycles that are designed with an “old school” retro look; the Columba has a sleek modernized design that is quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  With the new age look also come the more advanced features and fittings that Shimano enthusiasts drool over.

Easy riding Frame

A common issue that many riders have complained about when riding a folding bicycle, they are often times bumpy.  This can lead to great discomfort on longer rides or the potential to lose control if riding over a rough road.  Fortunately, the manufacturers factored this in when creating the Columba 26”.

The frame comes with a zoom tracker 327v suspension in the front and an alloy body spring suspension in the back.  This added feature allows for a more comfortable and steady ride while biking over the roughest roads.

Large Smooth Rims

The 26” rims are much larger than those of other folding bicycles.  Again, this feature was added to allow for a more stable and comfortable ride.  Many riders have compared the feel as similar to that of a mountain bike.


The Columba comes with a whopping 18 speed shifter and derailleur that allows for an instantaneously effortless uphill riding experience and speedy gear changes.

Kick Stand

No longer will you have to risk chipping the paint or damaging the frame by placing your folding bicycles on the ground after riding as the Columba 26” comes with a shiny, alloy kickstand.

Our Review Verdict and Summary

It is obvious that Shimano designers had an image of a sturdy, comfortable bicycle in mind when they thought up the initial outline for the Columba 26”.  Every feature on this bike was created to improve the ride-ability for the potential consumer.

Unlike other folding bicycles that are primarily only functional on flat, urban roads, this bike is designed to be able to handle the roughest of terrains with minimal effort.

It is easy to see why this is one of the highest rated folding bikes available anywhere.

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