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City Crash Standard

Thule Tailgate Bike Mount In 2005 Thule introduces their new City Crash Standard.

The idea is to develop simple to use, easy to operate car mounting systems that were strong enough to withstand impacts on city streets.

Thule now have a number of products that meet these standards of safety for car accessories.  These include roof racks, bike mounts and cargo boxes.

The philosophy is simple.  By producing easy to mount systems that are issued with clear and concise instructions, components will be more likely to be fitted quicker and more reliably reducing their chance of coming free un intentionally.

Where possible Thule aim to build products that meet these requirements, so that safety is built into their range of roof rails and accessories.

By achieving these standards early, Thule are positioning themselves for the more stringent standards of the future, and making roads a safer place.

New products that already meet the standard are the Thule Proride, Thules roofboxes, Thule Euroway and Thule EuroClassic Pro bike carriers as well as the Thule Rapid Fixpoint XT and Thule Rapid Crossroad load carriers.

Leading car magazines and organisations are already using the proposed standard as a starting point in their safety tests.