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Best Selling Folding Bikes in America

If you want to keep up with the pack, here is a quick list of the top selling folding bikes in America currently.


1. Dahon Speed Uno


Dahon Speed Uno
Dahon Speed Uno


The stripped down folding bike from Dahon, has been at the top of the bestseller list for months. With is no nonsense approach, Dahon have taken the cost out of the bike without compromising on the quality.


2. Dahon Speed D8 Folding Bike

Dahon Speed P8


At the other end of the Dahon Spectrum, the Speed D8 is all about performance.  Owners of this bike love the attention to detail, from the adjustable reach handle bars to the high speed slick tyres.


3.  Stow a bike Folding Bike,


The budget choice is a firm favourite, OK so its a little heavy and takes a little tweaking to get it set up out of the box.  But if you are looking for an occasional bike to run around on then this makes a great choice.