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Best Folding Bike Reviews 2015

The Best 20-inch Folding Bikes

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In city’s across the world train use is on the rise, and more people than ever are commuting to work.  Trouble is the final destination is usually a few miles from the station, and it can take a while to walk.  Hence the rise of the mixed mode commuter; a drive to the station, train journey and a bike ride to the office.

This has come about through advances in bike technology, particularly the 20-inch folding bike that most people are using.  So what are the advances that have come about?  Well, the current generation of folding bikes are now lighter and stronger than ever before.  They now fold up to the size, and importantly the weight of a briefcase.  In addition with the latest designs of hinges they take less than 20 seconds to fold and unfold.

Now you can have  bike that you can ride to the station, quickly fold up to bring onto the train, then unfold it at your destination and ride off.  Oh and unlike your normal commuter bike you can simply leave your bike beside your desk, and its not going to be locked up outside.

The Benefits of a Folding Bike

Overall, there are at least four great benefits that should help your decision:

  1. Cost: After the initial on off cost of buying the bike you can start saving on fuel and bus fares from day one.  I can easily save $20-$30 a week by cycling rather than using buses of taxis
  2. Health: Cycling is a great way to loose weight, no need to just sit in a car.  Riding just a couple of miles a day will add up over time and you will soon start to look and feel great!
  3. Style: Folding bikes are really in vogue at the moment as people are looking to save money on the non-essentials
  4. Saving Time:  In big cites with the congestion and parking, I often find that for short journeys its much quicker to cycle than drive.  No more hunting for a parking space and looking for change!

What is the best size for a folding bike?

There area couple of sizes that need to be considered, the wheel size and the rider size.

Most folding bikes are 20″.  I would recommend sticking with this as spares are much easier to find.  Any larger and the weight of the bike will go up, and it will never be as compact.  There are full sized folding bikes, but these are not really suitable for taking on trains, they are more for where storage is tight like on a boat or an a flat.

Due to the design of folding bikes, with there long saddle stems and adjustable handlebars there is really only one size of bike to fit all riders.  The only decision you need to make is the size of your budget (and color!)

What are the Best 20-inch Folding Bikes

I am going to look at a few of the best bikes on the market from the big brands.  They are all good solid reliable bikes, but there are differences in cost, and benefits.  In the table below we will compare the options.  First a run through of what you should consider before you buy:

  • Folded Size: How easy will it be to fit onto the train>
  • Bike Weight: The lighter the bike the easier it is to carry (and less effort to ride).  Generally the lighter the bike the more expensive it is.
  • Number of Gears: Folding bikes are normally equipped with solid hubs with the gears inside.  There can be anything from 1 to 8 gears, this will make a difference if you live in an area with hills for a guide on fixed vs multi gear bikes click here
  • Frame material: Frames are generally steel or aluminum.  Steel is strong, but heavy, Aluminum is lighter but not as strong.  It is also more expensive than steel,
  • Price: Depending on options you can spend $2000+ on a folding bike, we will look at bikes from $200+

The Big Brands:

Dahon Bikes

Dahon is one of the biggest folding bike companies in the world.  Founded in California all the bikes are made to a high quality and affordable price.

To see all our Dahon Bicycles Click here:

Dahon also produce a great range of accessory’s such as the Dahon Folding Bike Bags

Current folding bike reviews on The Bike Tool Box:

Image (Click to Visit the Review)Description
Folded Size / InWeight /LbSpeedsFramePriceRating Out of 10
Schwinn Loop 7 Folding BikeSchwinn Loop16" x 32.5" x 26"337Low, stand-over alloy frame$2297
Dahon Boardwalk Folding BikeDahon Boardwalk Folding Bike12.1" x 30.4" x 25.4"301H Series, SuperLite 4130 chromoly$3199
Dahon Speed Uno Folding BikeDahon Speed Uno11.7" x 30" x 25"241SuperLite 4130 chromoly frame$39910
Dahon Speed D7Dahon Speed D711.8" x 30.3" x 25.2"277Lightweight 4130 chromyl steel frame$5499
Dahon D7 MarinerDahon Mariner D711" x 31.9" x 25.7"2677005 butted aluminum alloy$5998
Dahon Mu UnoDahon Mu Uno10.1" x 30.4" x 25.7"2217005 butted aluminum alloy$69910
Dahon Speed P8Dahon Speed P811.8" x 30.3" x 25.2"268SuperLite 4130 chromoly frame$6998
Dahon Mu P8Dahon Mu P811.7" x 30.8" x 25.7"2487005 butted aluminum alloy$7998
Dahon Vitesse D7HGDahon Vitesse D711.3" x 31.2" x 25.7"267KA series, Dalloy aluminum$7997
Schwinn Loop 7 Folding BikeProdeco Mariner Folding Electric Bicycle15" x 31" x 26"468Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy frame$12697
Dahon Jetstream Folding BikeDahon Jetstream P811.3" x 32.4" x 25.7"2687005 aluminum frame Lattice$12898
Dahon Vector Folding BikeDahon Vector X27H15.2" x 30" x 24.2"2427Hydraulic hydroformed 7005 aluminum$14999
Tempest Folding BikeTempest Folding Bike12" x 26" x 34"346Steel$4496
Apex Folding BikeApex Folding Bike12" x 21" x 29"32616 Steel$3996
Shimano Folding BikeShimano 26" Folding Bike366Steel$2496
Columbia 26Columbia 26" Folding Bike38"x14"x29"3418Steel$4699
Columbia 26Tokyo Citizen 16" Folding Bike31"x22"x14.5"30616" steel foldable frame$1696
Giordano 2020″ Giordano Folding Bike29" x 26" x 15"2626Aluminium$2507

Dahon Bikes Reviewed

Dahon Mu Uno

Dahon Mu P8

Dahon Speed Uno

Dahon Speed P8

Dahon Mariner


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