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Avanti Aluminum Folding Bike Review

Avanti Folding Bike

Who is the AVANTI 20″ Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike Foldable Bicycle For?

This bicycle was designed by Avanti, a popular bike manufacturer from New Zealand.Avanti takes a simplistic route to folding bicycles that many will many will enjoy with their 20” Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike. Avanti has numerous models that span across multiple niches from leisure road riding all the way to competitive BMX bicycles. Needless to say, Avanti knows bikes, so their venture into the realm of folding bicycles is rather interesting.

There are no frills or extreme gadgetry that some manufacturers mindlessly stuff onto their models, which allows the Avanti 20” Lightweight Aluminum bicycle to be much lighter and much more simplistic. One of the reasons as to why consumers purchase a folding bicycle in the first place, is because they are small, lightweight, and can be folded down to fit almost anywhere. With the addition of too many features, bicycles can be bogged down in weight and extremely clunky, making them difficult to fit into places with limited space. This is what makes the Avanti 20” Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bicycle such a sought after option for true folding bicycle enthusiasts.

Take this bicycle with you on vacation so that you may easily unfold your bike and take a relaxing ride through the streets of town you are visiting and peruse some of the local shops. Folding bicycles are also a convenient choice for exercise on the go. No time to wake up early and hit the road? No problem! Ride to work and then slide your fully folded bicycle into the corner or underneath your desk. Perhaps you commute frequently? Awesome! You’ll be able to carry your lightweight folding bicycle onto buses and subways, along with easily being able to fit them into most storage compartments that are available. All of these options are now viable with the use of a folding bicycle.

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Key of the 20″ Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike…

Fully outfitted with aluminum parts to minimize overall weight, this bicycle only weighs in at 29.5 pounds total.

Avanti Folding Bike FoldedThe pedals are foldable which allow the bicycle to condense even further, making it much easier to fit comfortably into car trunks, luggage compartments, or even underneath your desk at work.

This bicycle comes equipped with a safety latching mechanism to help keep the frame sturdy and intact while riding. This also allows for the expedient folding of the bicycle as well.

There is a rear carrier so that you may take your briefcase, books, or other valuable items with you while you ride.

There are 6 speeds. The ability to shift speeds can make riding uphill much less strenuous on the body, which equates to a smoother and more enjoyable ride.


If you are searching for an enjoyable, yet economical folding bike, the Avanti 20” may be your best option. Due to its simplistic design, riding, folding, and carrying this bike is extremely easy. The price point of this bike is quite convenient for most as well. All around, this is a top choice among riders looking to dabble into the waters of the folding bicycle.

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