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2015 Diamondback Lux Sport 27.5″er (Women’s)

Who is the Diamondback Lux Sport 29er for?

Recommended for women looking for an inexpensive mountain bike

2014 Womans Diamondback Lux SportFor female riders who may not be well educated in mountain bikes and pricing, the Diamondback Lux Sport 29er is a moderately affordable, entry level bike for those wishing to do a little bit more than just ride off the pavement. With an 100-mm travel Suntour XCT (Cross-country trail) fork, riders can absorb the impact of technical trail sections just like the pros. And because Suntour has the performance and experience of a professional downhill, cross-country and enduro team on their side, you get all of the race-ready technology packed into your Lux Sport 29er.

In the last few years, the world of mountain biking has changed considerably with the introduction of newer wheel and tire sizes. Originally crafted from modified beach cruiser frames that only allowed for 26-inch tires, this was the standard size mountain bikes wore for decades.

However, 29-inch wheels are started to dominate the industry, and for good reason. They roll faster and they roll over tougher obj

ects. The down side of the 29″ wheels is it makes the bike quite big, particularly for women. Now there is a compromise, the 27.5″ wheel.  This allows for greater suspension travel, the high rolling of the larger diameter, yet the fine control of the 26″.

Lux Sport is built specifically for the berm-busting woman in mind.

Where Can I Buy the Diamondback Lux Sport 29er?

Diamondback suggests that retailers sell the 2015 Lux Sport  at about  $550, depending on features. The latter price point is more descriptive of the features listed in this article, although Amazon offers several models at reduced pricing. Small frames on Amazon are about 38% off MSRP, large frames will are offered about 25% off MSRP. These offers are constantly changing click here to see the latest prices!

Why Choose a Hardtail

This aluminum-constructed frame is a hardtail by design. For beginner riders, a hardtail refers to the lack of suspension on the rear of the bike, and it’s not necessary for riding green, novice trails. In fact, riding a full suspension bike on a novice trail, especially on uphill climbs, will actually hinder your ability to quickly maneuver a course. Added weight and compression of the rear shock will slow any rider down, regardless of her abilities.

Available in three sizes for women – small (15-inch), medium (17-inch) and large (19-inch) – it should be fairly easy to find the right Lux Sport 27.5 to fit your needs. Diamondback does an exceptional job at pairing the 27.5 wheels with WTB Wolverine Comp tires (2.2″ for extra grip), allowing for tighter control and fewer skids through light loam or packed dirt.

The other great feature are the spectacular shimano hydraulic brakes.  These will stop the bike on a dime, and give the confidence to push the bike faster as skill increases.

2014 Womans Diamondback Lux Sport Side

Keep in mind that this is a true entry-level mountain bike, and it will serve its rider true from the day she steps foot on each of the pedals. Big box stores that sell mass-produced mountain bikes are generally not intended for offroad use, and many bike products will come with warning labels that reinforce this cautionary measure. However, the Diamondback Lux Sport  for women serves its purpose and then some. Feel free to ride this bike as harshly as you can, and you’ll eventually become as addicted to mountain biking as the rest of us.

Features of the Diamondback Lux Sport 2015

A Shimano component system ensures riders are able to shift through their gears with ease on the trail, as most cross-country trails see riders shift anywhere between 15 and 20 times per mile. An Acera rear derailleur is paired with Shimano’s front derailleur, ensuring precise shifting at all times.

– SR Suntour XCT, 100mm travel Fork – with 30mm stanchions

– Weinmann SL-7, double wall rims

– WTB Wolverine Comp 29×2.2 tires

– Shimano Hydraulic Brakes disc brakes

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Positive Reviews of the Diamondback Lux Sport 29er

“Bike is very solid and smooth. Shifting was remarkably precise out of the box”

Negative Reviews that others are saying about the Lux Sport:

At this time, there are no negative reviews on Amazon of the 2014 Lux Sport


For women wishing to discover the pleasures of mountain biking, the all-new Diamondback Lux Sport 27.5er is an exceptional entry-level solution.  Fully redesigned for 2015, with much improved handling from its smaller wheels, and higher specced components.  If you have been waiting to buy a new bike then the time is now.

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