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20″ Giordano Folding Bike Review

Who is the Giordano Folding Bike (20-Inch Wheels) For?

Giordano Folding Bike

Giordano, a company that prides themselves on taking inspiration from Italian and Euro bike designs, is a relative novice to the folding bicycle industry, having only one folding bike.

Fortunately for riders, they got it right on the first try!  Getting a light weight bike for under $250.

The 20” Giordano Folding Bike is a no brainer for commuters that wish to save money on outrageous gas prices, and to get a bit of exercise at the same time.

Campers and travelers of all ages will find this unique bicycle to be the perfect fit for their needs.

The 20” Giordano Folding Bike will make a convenient option to leisurely cruise the streets or possibly to stop at the downtown stores for some shopping, while on vacation. The Giordano fits comfortably into the back seat or trunk area of even the most compact of vehicles or can be carried onto public transportation. It can even be folded and stored under desks, in cluttered closets, or anywhere that you have a few feet of space.

The 20” Giordano Folding Bike is as ad

vantageous as a bicycle can be. Looking round the best price that I can find is Amazon, the RSP is $250, but Amazon generally sell it for over 10% off this, check here to see the latest deal

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List of Features; What Fittings Make The Giordano A Suitable Choice for Riders?

The frame is made out of an ultra light weight aluminum that is incredibly durable as well. Durability is a must for folding bicycles to prolong their riding lifespan as long as possible.

At only 25 pounds, the 20” Giordano Folding Bike is one of the lightest of its kind. Few other folding bicycles on the market can match the weight of the Giordano’s aluminum frame.

Giordano Folding Bike Folded
Giordano Folding Bike Folded

The 6 speed shimano revo shifter allows the bicycle to shift among gears quickly and precisely in order to maximize the riding experience by effortlessly climbing inclines and overcoming virtually any terrain.

The bike folds to a compact size of 29” x 26” x 15” for easy storage or handling

The alloy stem folds to a fraction of its original size, as do the pedals as well, for maximum efficiency.

It comes equipped with front and rear alloy V-breaks that allow for safe and reliable stopping whenever necessary.

The rims are 20 inches in diameter that come with all purpose tires that offer a smoother ride with added steering responsiveness.

What are others Saying?

 “I love the bike in as much as it’s a Dahon knock off at a fraction of the price”

“build quality seems good”

“Love my Folding Bike!”

Any criticisms?

A few customers have found damaged parts on arrival, generally these have been replaced quickly and efficiently.  You should always check mail order bikes on arrival to ensure that everything is OK.



By far the most impressive feature of this bicycle is how insanely light it is.

Most riders choose folding bicycles over the standard design bicycles because of the light weight, ease of use, and ability to fold down into a small scale version for easy transport or storage.

Being only 25 pounds in total makes the 20” Giordano folding bike an appealing piece of machinery. Couple that with the additional features that are offered, and the 20” Giordano folding bike seems like a wonderful find.

Any folding bike enthusiast would be proud to show off their sleek looking and ultra efficient Giordano folding bicycle.

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